Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Hanged Man

We went on a survey mission! Outside all day everyday. We hardly got a break before we had to go out to the field for an overnight "camping trip" The survey missions were pretty fun though. I'm just really tired of not doing very much survey at all, and learning WAY too much bout how to set up a janky-ass tent. When it came to ALIT II training, it was rough! It was better than last time, for sure, but still freezing. Sleeping in snow is lame. The ladies and I chopped up trees to make a shelter. Since the Lieutenant didn't prepare us AT ALL for the field, we didn't have 550 cord to tie the branches together to make shelter. Luckily Sheffy brought bungee cords :) We made it work. Then we drank some infamous Army coffee and smoked cigarettes for the rest of the night.

After that garbage was over we went to see the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Anchorage Museum. It was pretty sweet, I love watching Edie Sedgewick in his films.
But most importantly I read my cards today! The Seven of Pentacles, Six of Wands, Five of Cups and Ten of Swords are all indicating that the hard work and bull shit of the week is over, and according to the High Priestess, The Hermit and the Hanged Man, I needed some well deserved rest and reflection after going out on survey missions and arctic training all week. Ultimately the Queen of Cups needed some boyfriend snuggle time! My King of Cups is very snuggly indeed.

Recommended Listening: "Page of Cups" by Enigma

Recommended Drinkage: Yellow Tail Shiraz


Sunday, January 23, 2011

My First Baby Hoodie

I decided that since I'm super impatient and can't work on a large project for too long, I would have to start making baby clothes. There are only so many grown up hats, scarves and mittens I can make before I stop actually wearing them and just get annoyed when they fill up my room. Either that, or I start making strange and pointless knitting garments, like "shrugs" that I will NEVER wear because they are hideous. Who actually wears "shrugs"?? It looks like you shrunk your sweater and still tried to wear it!! ... Ahem... Where was I? Oh yea, babies. The problem with knitting baby clothes is that I don't have a baby. But my coworkers do. In fact, my coworkers pretty much have babies every week. Their wives just keep popping them out. I don't know how they do it. They're not even Mormons. It doesn't really matter... in fact it just gives me a lot of people to knit for.
It's not perfect, but it's pretty close! I have a bad habit of using patterns and then deciding to deviate and do my own thing. That's when I screw up. In this case the top of the hood is weird, it's possible it won't be able to fit on the babies head! Oh well. It's decorative :)
This was my first full sweater, first attempt at attaching sleeves and first time using the Kitchener Stitch.

The pattern was from Knit Culture and was really fast and easy. I started Friday night and finished Sunday afternoon.

Recommended Listening: "When I was a Young Girl," by Feist

Recommended Drinkage: Alaskan White Wheat Ale

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Whore Pasta

For my first post I'm only going to share a few recipes. I've been scrapping, embroidering and doing some knitting (baby hats!) However, TODAY I felt like cooking, so here are a few recipes I love:

My Dads Puttanesca (aka, Whore Pasta)
Puttanesca is an Italian Pasta dish that originated in whore houses. They would cook it to bring in customers. I love this dish. I love sex workers. This recipe is pretty much awesome.

Reccomended Listening: "Filthy Goregous" by the Scissor Sisters

Reccomended Drinkage: Cheap red wine

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (the kind that says "first cold pressing" is the best)
2 Cloves Garlic
1/2 Yellow Onion
1/3 cup Calamata Olives
1 Tbs Capers
2 Anchovies
2 cups Cherry Tomatoes

Remember the ingredient amount is approximate... if you love garlic put more in. If you hate onions put less in. It's up to you.

1) Put enough Olive Oil to cover the bottom of a sauce pan on medium heat
2) Add anchovies and allow them to break up into the oil.
3) Add garlic and onion, saute for 2-3 minutes until the onions are translucent
4) Add Cherry tomatoes and cook until they pop open
5) Add capers and calamata olives. Warm them up, mix with pasta, season with salt and pepper and EAT

My Moms Norwegian Pancakes
My mom would make me these all the time. I love to make them on weekends, and you don't have to use the brown sugar in the recipe below. Try all kinds of jellies, preserves, fruits, ice cream and sweet sauces with them. Roll them, fold them, stack them, whatever.
Crepes are hard to cook. What usually happens when I make the first few crepes is either there is too much butter, making them soggy, or too little butter and they stick to the pan. I decided the best way to start was with too much butter. After the first FAIL crepe they usually turn out pretty good and don't get stuck to the pan.

Reccomended Listening: "Fibre De Verre" by Paris Combo

Reccomended Drinkage: Mimosas

Ingredients for Crepes:
2 Eggs, beaten
2 Cups Milk
1 Cup Flour
Brown Sugar

1) Mix eggs, Milk and Flour together to make a batter. It should be thin.
2) Add butter to a non-stick pan.
3) When the buttered pan is very hot, pour about 1/3 cup of batter on to the pan. While pouring lift up the pan and spread the batter out into a circle shape, very very thin!
4) When the batter gets bubbly on top, flip it over
5) Remove from pan, place on plate and add a small amount of butter on top. Sprinkle brown sugar. Go back to step 3. Repeat until you have a small stack of crepes. EAT
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