Sunday, November 4, 2012

Newest Tattoo!

Last night I got a brand new tattoo. When I was thinking of getting one a few months ago my husband suggested I get a bear, since our nicknames for each other is "bear." I thought it was a great idea! Much better than getting his name tattooed on me... When I came home and showed it to him over Skype he had the cutest smile on his face! I could tell he felt special to be tattooed on my arm.

Two weeks ago Joe finally decided to move to Alaska with me! I'm so excited about it. We've been looking for apartments and doing paperwork and he's been packing up. The plan is for me to fly home in the beginning of January, both of us drive across country from New York to Seattle. From there we will take the ferry to Alaska, and finally drive through part of Canada to Anchorage. 
This is going to be such a big change. We've maintained a long distance relationship for two years now and it's been pretty rough. I'm so glad it will be over. I not only excited about us being together, but I'm excited that I can finally live like an adult! The Army loves to make single soldiers feel like babies. They even give us plastic covers to put on our mattresses! As if I'm a 27 year old bed wetter. I won't have to allow my boss at work to come into my bedroom and tell me that it's not clean enough, or that I can't have a dirty dish in my sink. They won't send drug dogs in my bedroom. I won't have a strange man from the housing office opening up my door when I'm in the shower. I won't be told that I "have" to eat food from the dining facility, as if I don't know how to cook.
Perhaps I will hate my job less, now that I will have my husband here with me. Someone who doesn't talk about work on the weekends. Someone who doesn't care about promotion points or airborne school or who is the newest sergeant in the shop, etc... Someone who will watch movies with me, drink micro brews and talk about skateboarding and indie music. We can live on our own little planet.

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