Sunday, February 26, 2012

Back in Alaska, Travel Scrapbook Finished

I had the most amazing trip and I will never forget it! I'm so excited that I made the decision to bring a travel scrapbook home with me, because I was able to capture every day in it. The days can easily become a blur if you don't write them down quickly enough. This particular trip was especially important to record... I left Alaska as a girlfriend and returned as a wife! I got married while I was home. We got engaged on Valentines day and one week later we were married at a courthouse. Our fancy wedding ceremony will be in September. Now my head is filled with visions of paper crafts and decorating! I already spent my weekend crafting up a storm. It's a dream come true. Not just the crafting part, haha... My husband is amazing! I couldn't be happier than if I were back in New York with him.

This scrapbook means so much to me, it's the start of our life together. If my house were burning down I would run back in to save this scrapbook! (I should probably get a fireproof safe, huh?)

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