Sunday, July 29, 2012

Girls Night

Well, I am flat broke again! I spent my last three dollars on a 40 to have a girls night. It was worth it, but my gas light came on this morning so I may have to walk to work tomorrow!
I did some window shopping downtown the other day and tried out some Brody-dalle-esque makeup. I should have taken an outfit photo, I had a cute "The Cramps" tshirt, skirt and converse. But alas, taking outfit photos is embarrassing.

The rest of my weekend was okay. Joe and I got our cruise tickets in the mail! We are going to Bermuda for iur honeymoon and I'm SO excited!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Womanifesto

I've been having trouble coming up with a great womanifesto. I don't want to define myself by my political beliefs. I don't want to create a poetic metaphor for myself either. But here is my go at it:

I believe in women, because I believe in myself. Women have the capacity to decide how we live our lives and how to make ourselves happy. From a prostitute to a woman in a burka, I believe every choice we make is made with intelligence, thoughtfulness and self respect in mind.

A great woman once said, "I don't give a damn about my reputation." Reputations are based on stereotypes and expectations that are either a double edged sword or impossible to attain anyway.

I will not allow myself to be indoctrinated. Not to religion, not to rape culture, not to the Army, not to homophobia, not to gender, not to ethnocentrism. I want to see clearly.

A great transvestite once said, "Don't dream it, be it."
You're goddamn right. I can make it happen. I won't sit around thinking about what I wish I could be.

I accept that I don't have a plan. I don't want a plan. There is no "grand" plan, so why not just go with the flow? I will make smart choices for the future, but too much planning makes life boring. I love my spontaneity.

That's it for now! Here's an extra picture of me and my hubby <3

The Militant Baker

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Just a Photo

I'm trying out the blogger app on my iPhone. I won't be writing much, but I'll leave this picture of my handsome husband...

Friday, July 13, 2012

My Crafty Tattoo

While Joe was visiting we went to finish up my tattoo at The Hole Look in Anchorage. The outline was designed by Mindy at Primal Instinct. Danielle finished up the color for me. I'm so happy it's finally done!!

This is the before picture:

And here it is finished:

I love it so much! I can't wait to get another tattoo. This was my 13th time in the chair. My husband and I came up with an idea for the next one, but I'll keep it a secret for now. I really want to get full sleeves, but it's incredibly expensive.
I never thought I would want to get sleeves or even have tattoos on my arms at all. I think I was just scared that tattoos didn't look "right" on me. Like I wasn't the type to have tattoo or something. That's the nice thing about getting older, you just stop caring what other people think. And when you stop caring about other people you start to realize how awesome you are.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Zoo

Last Sunday Joe had a great idea to go to the zoo! It was a rare sunny day so it worked out great. We went mainly to see the bears. We saw Grizzlies, Black Bears and a Polar Bear! Now the only bears left we have to see are a Panda Bear, Honey Bear and a Koala Bear.

My handsome sweetie.

I loved the bee hive! I think insects are so cool!

This tiger reminded me of my cat, Raggs, who died a few months ago. He just walked in a circle around his pen over and over. Raggs would do the same thing in our house. It's really cool to see such a big cat and realize that a house cat is just a small version. Wild cats are so big and scary, it makes you respect the little house cats more. They are really incredible creatures and so beautiful!

This big old grizzly bear had itchy ears!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Skateboarding and Kinotopic

I wanted to post a few more photos from my husbands visit to Alaska. Joe is a serious skateboarder... it's his life. I love him so much for it too. This is him outside Zaks Boardroom in downtown Anchorage.

Before he came to visit I searched everywhere for skate parks around Anchorage. It seemed impossible! One place turned out to be just a skate shop. The other didn't exist at all, the third was elusive and couldn't be found, and the forth seemed to not exist either. Luckily we accidentally found an indoor skate park right on base!

I made these little videos on an iPhone app I found called Kinotopic. It's like Instagram for videos. It's a little slow but I really love it! Follow me at if you are on it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Local Spots - Snow City Cafe

My husbands visit to Alaska was amazing! It wasn't as nice and sunny outside as I would have liked, but we had such a great time. One of the first places we went to eat was Snow City Cafe. Joe is a vegetarian so I knew he would like it. They serve organic, local, whole foods which are amazing! Great lattes too.

It was so hard to see him go. I probably cried a thousand times... even on the second day of his twelve day visit I cried because I knew he would have to leave. But it's only two more months until our wedding and honeymoon! Two months is the shortest amount of time we have been apart since we met. I'm hoping it will fly by!

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