Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bad Weekend

This weekend was disappointing.
I would love to be working on some kind of knitting project right now. I haven't done any knitting for a while. I attempted a hat which is still sitting in my living room, but I am too bored with it to finish. I should probably start a baby blanket for our friends who are due in October, but I'm pretty sure I don't have the right amount of yarn in the right color. 
You know how it goes when you have five projects started, sometimes from years ago, that you haven't finished... I have a couple sweaters that I started and one which is almost done... but it looks terrible and I will never wear it. This horrible thing will sit on my closet, hogging up my needles until I finally give up on ever fixing it.  I think these unfinished projects are haunting me and blocking my creativity. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Flattop Mountian

I finally decided I wanted to go take a hike with Joe. I hate hiking. The last time I took this hike I didn't even go all the way to the top because I was afraid of falling off the mountain. However, I survived it this time and made it to the top! We brought a couple beers to celebrate reaching the top without me having a temper tantrum and quitting.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kitschy Kitties Part Three

I found one more silly cat this weekend. I actually found a ton of cool things at one shop last Saturday. When I walked in I immediately picked up 6 things I HAD to have! I've been scouting out 70's style kitschy things ever since I realized that our color theme was pea green and orange (it just kinda happened that way.) 

I found a handmade flower embroidery which I love...

...and this mushroom wall clock! Holy moley! My husband didn't like it, but I told him I could not just leave it behind. Since I cleaned it up and hung it on the wall he changed his mind about it and thought it was pretty cool.

On top of that, I found some sweet mushroom ceramic tiles.

I seriously need a better camera!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

White Wine Spritzer

I never had a spritzer before, but since it's been so hot (a whopping 73 degrees!!) I thought it would be a nice drink to have on a Sunday afternoon with some bread and cheese. I made this recipe with grenadine and cherries instead of lime. 

4 oz White Wine
1 oz Club Soda
1 tsp Grenadine
Cherry Garnish

Pour wine into a chilled wine glass with two ice cubes. Add grenadine and club soda. Garnish with cherries.

Saturday, June 15, 2013


I've got some crazy news... Joe and I are talking about a baby!
It doesn't quite feel real yet. I never thought we would be talking about this so soon. I mean, I'm almost twenty eight, but it still feels like I'm young and not ready for such a thing.

I think everyone must feel that way though. I'm not worried. Today Joe was holding Mrs Peacock like a baby and we were both cooing at her when Joe's friend walked in the door. It must have been a silly thing to see! Sometime next year that could be a human baby we are cooing at... how weird! I will try to enjoy my unhealthy habits now, before I have to give them up (like this beer I'm drinking!)

Is this symbolic? ...Nope. It's just a random picture I took today.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Kitschy Kitties Part 2

Our favorite new weekend activity seems to be thrifting. I'm on the lookout for kitty figurines while Joe checks out the board games and CDs.
I couldn't find any kitties last weekend in Wasilla, but I scored this time in Anchorage! I also found a cute figurine of two cocker spaniels but I didn't get a good picture and I don't care to take another. My main focus was to collect and show off my kitties.

I just LOVE them. I'm going to need a whole new shelf to display all my new kitties and my porcelain dolls my grandpa gave me. I have a beautiful angel doll that is sadly packed up in the closet since I had to move. There is just no space for her.

Maybe the positive side to moving to Louisiana will be a big house with lots of space for my things!
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