Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Baby Bump - 33 Weeks!

Weight Gain: 15 lbs-ish

Belly Button? Still an innie. 

Feeling: I feel like I could sleep forever! I go to bed fairly early and still wake up late. I slept about 12 hours last weekend each night. Sleeping still is uncomfortable and I wake up at least once a night and whichever side I sleep on something always hurts. Misses Peacock has been very snuggly with me on my side of the bed lately. I think she is jealous of Murray, who likes to sleep on Joe's side. At least I have lots of company when I get restless!

Food I'm Missing: Honestly the food I've been missing isn't because it's food I can't eat... there is just no food here! We tried going to dinner one night at a sushi/hibachi place I heard was good, but the service was so bad we walked out before even ordering! Looks like we won't have to worry about spending too much on eating out for the next year. I would think that in a middle-of-nowhere type of town there would be farms or something so there would be at least some decent vegetables. But unfortunately the only place to get food is at our local commissary on base or Walmart. Neither one has any decent food to speak of! Yuck. 

Movement: She is rolling around and kicking my ribs as usual.

Looking Forward to: Taking some time off starting in April. I think I will take the two weeks before the due date to relax and get the last minute "nesting" done. 

I finished painting the second dresser and started putting some of the cute stuffed animals out. We have so many animals and dolls from different places! While we were on our road trip we stopped to see my family in Santa Cruz and my grandpa gave me a Raggedy Andy doll with a storybook he found. While I was there I went through some boxes of stuff that had been left in his garage when I was in college. Inside one of the boxes and found a Raggedy Anne doll! I was so excited to see that they matched each other perfectly. Another find I was excited about was an Ichigo Pan (strawberry bread) doll I got in Japan.  

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Road Trip Scrapbook - Finished!

It took me quite a while to take some snapshots of our finished scrapbook from our 2013-2014 road trip. I find that making scrapbooks for everyday life is a little boring and I can't motivate myself to keep up. I tend to make scrapbook for things like road trips and vacations, like I did for my 2012 visit to New York (when I unexpectedly got engaged AND married) although I still haven't made a scrapbook for our formal wedding ceremony OR our honeymoon! Talk about inconsistent!

Going through and looking at these scrapbooks brings back so many great memories that just plain photo snapshots couldn't capture.

In fact, I don't know why I even stopped adding to this scrapbook! I still have a ton of Instax film, there are still tons of empty pages in the Smashbook and my scrapbook kit I put together for travel is still in its box. I think I will resume scrapping until I run out of space! Let's make it a promise. Maybe I will do a biweekly update of my progress on the blog as well.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Grizzly Cross Stitch

A few weeks ago, out of nowhere, I decided I wanted to do a cross stitch. Usually this is something I would start and just give up on after a few days since it takes so long to finish... but this time I actually finished it! I bought the pattern from Mother Bee Designs on Craftsy. I suppose the fact that I spent a dollar on the pattern made me more motivated to finish the project. I have a TON of embroidery thread that was left to me by my grandmother and quite a bit that I bought myself, but I don't have many cross stitches to show for it. I also recovered a bunch of stuff from my storage unit in San Diego and found that I acquired quite a few craft supplies, including a bunch of empty picture frames. This one seemed to fit perfectly!

I'm pretty happy to have this cute grizzly bear to hang on the wall! 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lately... & 32 Week Baby Bump!

Lately I've been super tired and running around trying to get everything done. Unfortunately I always have to stop and take a nap or collapse on the couch before I am finished doing what I want to do!

I finished up painting the second dresser for the nursery and Joe attached the mirror. I also managed to clean out all the stuff that got piled up in there from the move and made it look a little more like a proper nursery, though we are still waiting on the crib my mom is bringing down in April. I even went out and got a glider rocking chair with an ottoman! I wasn't too excited about how it was going to look, since I would prefer a more mid-century modern style, but once I realized how uncomfortable I was just sitting on the couch with my big belly I figured I would really enjoy a comfy chair instead of just a nice looking one.

Speaking of being tired, I really don't have energy to make dinner or do much of anything these days. I'm too lazy to even do my weekly baby bump updates! I'll settle for a blurry iPhone photo this week :)
I am allowed to leave work early now (so only 8 hour days... whoopee) but I am still totally pooped when I get home. Joe has been awesome and is taking over even more of the household chores, including cooking. He even makes me lunch when I get home on my break! 

Mister doggy is doing very well and fitting in really nicely. We decided to name him Bill Murray, or Murray for short. I'm not sure where I got the idea to name him that, except maybe he reminds me of Bill Murray's character in Lost In Translation. He's pretty melancholy, he just wants to fit in and have a bit of fun too. Mrs. Peacock is getting more and more used to him and doesn't hiss (as much) when he rudely sniffs at her tail. She is still the princess of the house though!

The last picture is of the courthouse in the town we live next to. We had quite the Valentines Day weekend! It was full of not-so-great events and happenings. Nothing too major, but it kind of piled on top of more of those not-so-great grown up things we have been dealing with lately too.

Overall everything is going really great! I'm looking forward to these last 8 weeks and hopefully taking some time off before the due date. I can't tell if I want it to be over sooner so we can see our little Ellie, or if I wish it would last just a little longer.

To the Sea

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Our New Doggy!

Hello there! 
This is Joe's new buddy. We haven't decided on a name yet, but as you can see he's a pretty cute guy! He is a Boxer/Great Dane mix we adopted from the Humane Society. He loves Joe and follows him everywhere, whining whenever he leaves the room. He is a stubborn boy too, we can tell he knows some commands but doesn't want to follow them! Joe is working on him though and I think he will be a great dog to have around.
Miss Kitty is NOT a fan and let him know it with a lot of hissing and a little swat when he got too curious. He leaves her alone mostly now and she likes it that way. Oh boy, she had a sad little face when she saw her dad giving all his attention to a doggy! Don't worry about her though, I gave her lots of treats and snuggles to make her feel better. She's my spoiled little princess after all.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Baby Bump - 30 Weeks!

Weight Gain: 13 lbs. We finally got our scale put out in the bathroom and I got weighed today at the hospital. I thought it would have been more, but she still has a lot of fattening up to do!

Belly Button? Still an innie. 

Feeling: It's hard to breath with Ellie all up in my ribs! That, and my right ear gets plugged up as if I have water in it.

Food I'm Missing: Whiskey sours.

Movement: She seriously has little temper tantrums in there! It's slightly scary how hard she kicks me.

Looking Forward to: My next appointment, which is in a couple days. I'll be getting my blood glucose test tomorrow too! This morning we went to the hospital to get all the paperwork from the last hospital organized but didn't actually see a practitioner. I hope we get another ultrasound soon. I feel like everything is great and she is healthy, but it would be good to know for sure since we were on a road trip for so long and couldn't get in to see a doctor.
Another thing I'm looking forward to is adopting a doggy! Joe has wanted another dog ever since his doggy, Knuckles, died a year and a half ago. Joe was a sweetheart and let me get Mrs. Peacock while we were in Alaska, but now it's time for Joe to get his doggy companion! Don't get me wrong, Joe loves our kitty, but I know he wants to have a friend to wrestle around with too. Even though we have a lot going on with the new house I want to get the dog training over with before Ellie arrives. This way I don't have to tear out my hair dealing with a newborn AND an over-excited dog. 
I took a look at Pet Finder and pointed out a Great Dane/Boxer mix and Joe fell love with him. We talked to the foster parents and they said he is an indoor dog who gets along with their three cats and kids, so I'm pretty hopeful we will all get along. Mrs. Peacock sure won't be happy about it! I'm sure she will get used to him though. 

On the yucky side of things, it looks like I won't be getting any time off like I was supposed to (stupid bureaucracy.) But we will see. Just take a look at those boxes in the nursery! I can't really do a bunch of unpacking after I get home from work because I'm too tired. I was pretty busy this past weekend and I got a bunch of things done, but not nearly enough.

On the good side, we got a spectacular gift from my grandpa - a washer and dryer! The dryer will be delivered later on, but I'm so happy we have a washer. We plan on cloth diapering, so this is pretty much a must-have. I'm super excited that we will own these and we never have to worry about going to a laundromat ever again. I'm too old for that! Nothing like owning a washer and dryer to make you feel like a grown up.

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