Sunday, January 27, 2013

27 Before 28

My twenty seventh birthday was last August, but I was feeling like making a list of goals for myself and I don't really care for new years resolutions. A twenty seven before twenty eight list sounded like fun!

1. Get an apartment and live with my husband! Finally.

2. Find a decent car. DONE! Before I even finished this list and posted it I already achieved one goal. I got a pretty decent price for a 2005 Ford Focus. I need to put winter tires on, but it has HEAT in it and it works during winter! That's a huge improvement from my last car.

4. Get a kitty and/or puppy. Hello, daily pet photos!! I don't think Instagram has enough of you yet. I'm absolutely obsessed with getting a hairless cat, but those sweet little babies are very hard to find. Imagine a Sphynx cat and a fluffy Maine Coon cat being best friends?

Source: via Liz on Pinterest

5. Start growing herbs indoors. I don't do well with plants. Especially since I have to leave for weeks at a time sometimes. But I just noticed that my succulent, named Hubert, has grown despite the black thumb I seem to have. Perhaps a plant that isn't home to the desert may survive in my care? I can't stand dried herbs and I figure if it's not fresh then why bother... so I'll give it a shot when we have our own place. Not that I expect my husband will remember to water them when I'm gone, LOL.

6. Learn to make espresso. My uncle has an espresso machine and would make lattes whenever we visited. It seems like such a New Yorker thing to do. I'd love to have friends over and treat them to a specialty cup.

7. Collect art. I'm super excited to start decorating and finding furniture for our first home! Since I might be moving out of the state pretty soon I'm not sure how far we will get with furniture. But Etsy has some really great artists that I plan on buying prints from.

8. Leave Alaska. This isn't so much my call, but I should be out by the end of the year. Crossing my fingers for Germany or Hawaii.

9. Start sewing more. The problem is I can't find fabric that inspires me. I need to try to find something online even though its tough to tell what the drape and hand of the fabric will be like.

10. Wear more dresses. Preferably the dresses I sew myself!

11. Buy a nice camera and learn more about photography. For those pet photos! Haha.

12. Start scrapbooking again. I haven't been doing much of this lately. I think I need to find my own style instead of looking to collections made by other designers. All I end up with is feeling like I need to buy a bunch of expensive products to make scrapbooks that look like other peoples scrapbooks... which gets boring. And expensive. I also don't have much to record in my scrapbooks since I have no one here with me to spend my time with.

13. Explore more local culture (wherever I end up living.) One thing that makes me happy is having a "lifestyle." Military life is completely bland. Military bases are ugly and all have the same shops (Buger King, Starbucks, Godfathers Pizza, Subway...) I want to see more art galleries, farmers markets, flea markets, bakeries and hole in the wall coffee shops. While I've been enjoying Anchorage, it would help to live closer to it so I can do more things in the city.

14. Go through my clothes. There are things I need to get rid of and additions need to be made. Like more dresses.

15. Start knitting and crocheting again. I got discouraged when I couldn't make the transition from scarves and hats to sweaters. They take too long and end up deformed! Yuck! I'm thinking about making some of these cute peter pan collars.

16. Send more gifts. I suck at this. Some of my friends are so sweet and give me birthday presents. Honestly, if it weren't for Facebook I wouldn't know most peoples birthdays! Is that awful? I think I at least need to start collecting cards for different occasions so I can send them to friends and family. 

17. Spring Cleaning. This is why I enjoy moving. It makes me go through everything I own and throw away the clutter and things I don't want. When I stay in a place for too long I end up with things collecting dust in the corner (like my broken printer and rolls of scrap plotter paper I swiped from the office... ahem.)

18. Start drinking tea. I can't have coffee at night. I need something to sooth my nerves that isn't a glass of wine (LOL)

19. Speaking of wine... I want to find some nice bottles and save them for special occasions or gifts.

20. Learn oil painting. I know I can be good at this, but it requires such a large chunk of time that I get burned out on the thought of even starting a painting. Acrylics dry too fast and my color mixes dry out before I am done. I need Bob Ross in my life.

21. Create a beautiful home. As an interior design school dropout I can promise that even though I don't have my degree, I still believe in the importance of a beautiful home!

22. Pay off the credit card. Yup. That credit card. The one you used for emergencies when everything was an emergency.

23. Start making specialty breads. I love to use this recipe for easy little bread (it actually bakes all the way in my "oven") But it's very basic and not up to the quality I want. I really want to try out making baguettes and figuring out how to get a light fluffy inside and a crusty outside. I'll at least need a full size oven for this.

24. Find all our furniture on Craigslist, yard sales or thrift stores. And I'll refurbish ALL of it. I'm excited about posting some cool DIYs!

25. Ignore Facebook more. Lately it's been an explosion of posts about gun control, women being allowed in combat and creationist garbage. Yuck. Seeing this stuff pollutes my mind. The amount of humorous or intelligent posts are very rare. I'm too old for this.

 26. Make a successful batch of Macrons. I've never tried it before and I know it will be tough. But I'm dying to taste these!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

27. Start blogging more thoughts. Most of the time I've been feeling depressed. I have nothing to talk about that makes me happy or excited or inspired. I've barely done anything lately that I can even take a photo of! I know that once I start making all these changes I will feel happier and I'll want to write down my thoughts more often.

Friday, January 18, 2013


For our honeymoon Joe and I went to Bermuda. We almost didn't make it because, of course, I forgot my passport! Lucky for me my dad had a copy of my birth certificate and they allowed me on the ship. After spending a morning crying, running around, calling people, rushing to the train and hailing taxis we finally got on the ship and it was such a relief! I absolutely loved the whole trip. I like to think of myself as someone who travels to the "non-touristy" type of places... but this was such a fun place. I would love to do it again!


Sunday, January 13, 2013


I love this Lookbook by Emilka P!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Wedding Photos, In the Details

Obviously my blog layout is a few of my wedding photos, but I wanted to post some of my favorite photos of all the little details. There are so many great photos to go through that I decided to save the "people" photos for later. My photographers, Aly Chilcott and her assistant Sarah Peacock were amazing! Aly is a family friend and did the photos for my brothers wedding as well. Visit her website at and her assistant Sarah at

I absolutely had the most perfect wedding! The Chapel is 150 years old, with original Tiffany windows. My mother handcrafted my veil herself. We used my great grandmothers antique cake cutter and my grandmothers diamond ring became my wedding band. I even got to wear my grandmother beautiful 7 carat sapphire for my "something blue." Oh, and of course, I married a super hot guy too!

Pinterest Party

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year

Last night Joe and I celebrated New Years at a Devotchka concert. It was an amazing show and we were right up front. I've still got their music playing in my head. 

This is the end of our holiday visit with each other... it's really sad to have him leave again, but it's been so much fun. There was a ton of baking, cooking, going out for food, and playing with the dogs. We started playing a really old school game that I remembered from when I was a kid, called Myst. Doing simple things like that is so much fun!

Even though neither of us are religious I still insisted on doing "Christmassy" things since this would be our first holiday together as a married couple. We made sugar cookies and iced them together. We built a ginger bread house, even after little Muffin decided to eat part of the roof off (bad doggy!) We went downtown and saw a gingerbread town at the fancy Anchorage hotel, Captain Cooks. I really wanted to make some fun family traditions. I think the gingerbread house and the roasted pears I made early Christmas morning are going to be keepers. 

My only Resolution this year is to have a home with Joe. And to get a pet kitty. Everything else can wait.

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