Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sweet and Toxic

It's been a while since I posted (not like anyone reads this, lol) I have a ton of crafts to post! This last month was busy. I spent over a week sleeping outside in tents and carrying around an M16. It was cold and miserable. On a sad note, last weekend a sergeant in my battalion played drunk Russian Roulette and shot himself in the stomach (and no, he's not ok, he's dead) That was pretty bad, and resulted in barracks inspections for all of us, and quite a few briefings on safety. But on a happier note, I've started applying to the University of Alaska and plan on getting my Bachelor of Arts in Art(!) AND... The best news EVER... my little brother is getting married!!! I'm so excited. I get to be a bridesmaid! My brothers fiance is the sweetest and SMARTEST chick ever (also a crafter!)

While I have plenty of new crafts to post, I'm going to update on an old post with some pictures of the pink baby hoodie on an actual baby! Watson's daughter looks so cute and puked on it right away during the photo shoot! Gotta break it in, right?
I'm so glad it fits!!

My second project is a cross stitch I did just for fun. I was thinking about payday, and I guess I felt a little gangster (haha)

Next is a collage I did with a frame I got at Target. I used some pictures my mom sent of my relatives.

Next is a super easy project. I had an old babydoll tee from Urban Outfitters I didn't like the fit of anymore. I just cut out the gra
phic and put it in an embroidery ring. I think it looks pretty clever, and it added some more interest to my BORING ASS barracks wall!

Now for some foodie updates... I can't help it, I love lemon desserts! I made lemon cupcakes with raspberry frosting, white trash truffles and lemon tarts. The truffles were SO easy and I brought some to my battle buddies when we had to work late. I think they enjoyed them.

The recipe is on the blog fresh365 I'm defiantly going to try some variations on the recipe!

Last is my latest project in the making... My first adult size sweater!! I went to the Library and took out a couple craft books, Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts, and Pretty in Punk (punk, goth and rock style knits) I'm using Pretty in Punks pattern for a super easy sweater called "The Swindle" and I'm using my special, fancy, expensive yarn that I was saving for a special project. It's a single ply, Peruvian Wool and Tencel blend yarn called Lustra by Berroco in the most beautiful cobalt blue. It's the same shade of blue that so many movie stars were wearing to the Oscars last year... I guess I like color trends.

That's it for now!


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