Sunday, January 29, 2012

Scrapbooking on the Go

One thing I wish I had was better travel journals. I have digital photos, but somewhere along the line my maps, brochures and sketches all got lost. Now that I've become really involved in scrapbooking I've resolved to make the best travel journal that I can (and not lose them!) I'm not visiting a foreign country, but I want to remember every moment. I've been with my boyfriend for 420 days, but we've only been in the same place for 34 days total (that includes the first time we met!) On top of that I'll be seeing my parents, childhood friends, and celebrating my stepfather and grandfathers birthdays.

Last time I took a bunch of Instax photos, kept a few scraps and put the journal together when I got back to Alaska. It was difficult to remember everything and keep it chronological. I want to be more organized this time, so I prepared a journal and mini kit to keep in my purse so I can scrap on the go!

Key Ingredients:
  1. Journal
  2. Instant camera (Instax Mini)
  3. Film
  4. Pen
  5. Date Stamp (from Smashbook)
  6. Ink (Hero Hues)
  7. Tissue Tape (Tim Holtz)
  8. Binder clips or decorative paper clips
  9. Journaling cards or papers
  10. Labels and stickers
This is just enough to save scraps, date photos, label events and journal without permanently adhering too many elements.

As for my journal, I kept the pages simple without too many big patterns (pretty patterns make me want to not cover the page!) and plenty of pockets. 

The front and back cover...

I'm so excited to work on it! I'm SUPER excited to leave Alaska for a little bit. It's getting to be about -20 up here... yuck!


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