Sunday, September 30, 2012

Autumn Plaid Skirt

This Saturday I used my Burda Young 7229 pattern to make this Fall/Winter skirt. I really love it! I feel like this is the most "finished" piece of clothing I've sewn yet. I tend to get lazy and I take short cuts, which I regret later. I think I will use this pattern again once I find some good fabric.

I wish I had the motivation to take some nicer photos outside, but it's chilly here in Alaska (it snowed yesterday) and I don't feel like driving out to place where there are no other people just to take pictures. 

I found a few great vintage pieces on my trip home that I will have to take photos in. I am also anxiously waiting for my wedding photos to arrive in the mail! I know I'll be doing another blog re-vamp once I get my wedding photos. I cant seem to get a design I love, because I can't come up with something personal enough that is also pretty. Wedding photos will do the trick! Everything was so beautiful and pink! 


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