Wednesday, March 4, 2015


My mom came out to visit again so Joe and I could do a little more unpacking. We actually got Ellie's bedroom all set up! We added an armchair I rescued from a coffee shop last January too, so now I have a spot to work on my laptop while Ellie plays in her room. She usually wants to "type" on the laptop keys though, so sometimes I unplug the mouse and let her play with it for a while.

I ordered the Jelly Belly Bean Boozled game off Amazon and played it with Joe and my mom. Wow, let me just tell you, these were SO NASTY! The game came with a spinner and we combined it with our Shots and Ladders game. My poor mom got almost ALL bad ones. It was fun but I will never play it again! 

Ellie's finished bedroom.

We stopped at the local coffee place in Buffalo since my mom is a coffee addict. The red velvet doughnut was sooo yummy!

Ellie is now using Murray as a balance to stand up with. He lets her grab his ears and "pet"him. I even got a video of Ellie giving him a kiss!

It's been nice having Joe's stuff finally combined with our things from Alaska and Louisiana. We both had things in storage in different places for so long (a lot of my stuff was in San Diego until last year and Joe's was in New York.) Now we have Joe's stereo system from his childhood and I've been having fun playing music in the house that isn't coming out of a laptop or phone. It sounds so much nicer! We have his record player I got him for Christmas too so we can play some records when we dig them out of the last of the boxes. It's amazing how long it takes to unpack a house when you have a little baby around. 


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