Friday, February 12, 2016

The Blogosphere

I have really enjoyed "the blogosphere" for the past five years or so. It's probably the only space on the internet that is genuinely a nice place to be. Now that I'm a full time stay-at-home mom, things can get a little bit lonely. The easiest remedy to that is to pull out the phone or tablet and browse the internet, which is honestly not the best idea. Even though I avoid obvious negativity magnets like Reddit or 4chan, and never ever read the comment sections on YouTube, I still see way too much negativity and it really gets to me! I can't be the only person who gets stressed about this kind of thing. I've done serious clean ups on my Facebook friends list, but it seems like there is always another annoying person sneaking their way back in! 
I feel like the blogging community is much easier to trust, if that is the right word. You can say everything you want to say and post all the family photos you want without worrying about if a 22 year old is going to complain (does anyone have that problem? Those friends you have that complain about everyone else getting married or getting pregnant? They are "totally not jealous" but ... yes, they are.) Maybe this is just a weird rant, but I opened up my Bloglovin feed the other day and checked out a couple blogs I hadn't looked at in a while and it really was refreshing to see the positivity there. It really made me realize that the negativity in the other online communities I've been frequenting is actually stressing me out to the point where I need to take a break. I'm too sensitive sensitive guess! Nothing even happened, nothing specific or anything, but a whole culmination of bad energy just kind of snowballed and I got tired of it. I won't be dramatically removing my Facebook account or anything but I think I will spend some more time reading blogs again. I actually went through my subscription list and almost half of the blogs I used to read are gone completely or abandoned. I leave for a few (okay, 8) months and lose half my reading list!

I want to contribute again as well. I think I've got a few good ideas in the works. We will see!


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