Saturday, August 6, 2011

Grandpa's Dollies

My grandpa has a huge collection of porcelain dolls. He has given me a few of them. I used to have a collection when I was a child. Some of the things I dream of having in my home are these dolls and my beautiful dollhouse my mother made me. I can see it now! My craft room with the sewing machines my Grandmother passed on to me, a little corner with my doll house and a shelf of dolls and my mini albums. Scrapbook pages in frames and embroidery rings hanging on the walls... So girly and cute! Maybe I'll have a child one day who will appreciate them too.

Here I am, daydreaming my weekend away with thoughts of a house and babies and craft rooms ;) Silly me!
Anyhow, it's time to cook some food. Tonight feels like a sushi night! If it turns out nice I'll post some pictures.

Sarah Grace


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