Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mud Run!

Today was the annual Mud Run. It's a 5k trail run through the woods, up dirt piles and through huge pools of mud water. I was originally not going to go, but then someone got the idea to have the team dress as zombies. I was totally in! I'll take any opportunity to dress like a zombie.

All of us before the race started.

My BFF, Kyla, and her husband eating Burger King for breakfast.

Calloway, after a blood application. He kept licking the blood off his face because it tasted good (chocolate syrup was an ingredient) LOL

Sersha just poured the fake blood into his mouth and drooled it out for a realistic effect.

Some guy on post has a truck with "Zombie Outbreak Response" and "Heavy Drop" stenciled on it. I was so excited to see it in the parking lot so we could have a photo op.

The finish line!

We had a great time and got really muddy!

I've got some sneak peek photos of my brothers wedding scrapbook I put together. I already posted the album a few weeks ago, but the inside was empty. Now I've added the Instax photos from the wedding and embellished the inside. I'm only posting a few photo's because I haven't sent it out to them yet. I'm still a beginner scrapper, but I like how it turned out! I'll get that online tomorrow.
I've also got a neat little tutorial for a scrapbook technique that I'm working on.

I've been having a ton of fun with this blog so far! I should work on getting some readers ;) The idea of other people reading this makes me nervous, but whatever. I'm excited to interact with other bloggers with the same interests as me. Either way, I'm having a great time with or without readers!



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