Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Week in Instagram

This week was pretty busy! Today I went to the Alaska State Fair and had a great time. My friend and I went shopping and visited every tent with alcohol the fair had :) I intended to only eat terrible unhealthy fair food (like fried twinkies) but I ended up having a vegan boca burger! Don't worry though, I got a square of peanut butter banana fudge too. My friends tried the doughnut burger, but I wasn't interested. I probably should have tried it. I like trying out weird foods. My top three strange foods I've eaten are (1)Freeze dried larvae, (2)Squid innards, and (3)Jellyfish tentacles. The jellyfish were the most delicious.

My Birthday flowers

My Birthday lemon tart

I was bored in the office... This is a shot of the drawing of the airfield we surveyed back in June.

Bored in the office again... a safety brief from the General for the long weekend.

At the bowling ally. A farewell party for Maxwell, who is shipping off to Japan.

Organizing my Instax photos from when I was on leave. Scrapbooking, here I come!

We dressed as zombies for the Mud Run on Thursday.

A view of the mountains on Steward Highway.

Cutest puppy EVER at the State Fair!!!

Sweet goats!

Wine Bar at the Fair. I'm wearing my ADORABLE necklace my friend gave me for my birthday.

A beer tent at the Fair. Gotta find the drinks! Lol

I have a love for Ferris Wheels... It's the only ride I'll go on besides the Carousel. I get sick too easily!


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