Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Interior Design Inspiration

I love furniture. I love design. I love cozy spaces and making your room and home looking original. It shows who you are and where you've been. That's one of the hardest things about the Army. I don't have my "own" place. It's not just that I can't paint the walls, which is not an uncommon problem for many people, but I have to use Army furniture too.
Let me illustrate:

This is my "dresser." Actually, it's not really a dresser as much as it's two sets of drawers stacked up on top of each other to make a dresser. They don't even have the decency to stack up properly and love to slide around, making it look like a pile of Jenga blocks. Yuck. Please, let me show you what my previous dresser looked like in my old room:

Better, right? Not Kelly Wearstler chic, but still much better than the Jenga dresser.

I may be trapped the Army barracks for the next 3 1/2 years, but once I get out and find a place with my sweet boyfriend, I'll be decorating like there's no tomorrow. I majored in Interior Design while I was in college and really enjoyed it. But by the end I felt like I really wasn't cut out to be a "designer." It was just the business aspect of it. The creativity was easy. I may have given up the designer dream (for now) but I still drool over beautiful interiors.

If you couldn't tell from the photo above, with my bright turquoise walls, I'm a firm believer in painting your walls a color other than white. It's understandably scary, but painting your room a bold color can do more for the design of the room than any thing else. You could have a room full of generic IKEA furniture, paint the walls an unexpected color, and your room is suddenly completely original. Below are some examples of great wall color... not as bright as turquoise, but very bold colors that are neutral looking and comforting to be around. Without the wall color these rooms wouldn't have half the impact that they do.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate white walls completely. White can have just as much impact as a color in a room, if you do it intentionally. Check out this cute, "shabby chic" dining room. I'm in love with the mismatched fold out chairs.

 One day I'll have my dreams house... That's all for now!


Pam said...

Great pics! Love all the pops of color especially the wall with plates, lovely. Stopping by from Gussy.

...sarah. said...

I love interior design, too! I went to a design school for one semester, but simply couldn't afford it! The business end of it really is very intimidating. But, I decided that that won't keep me from redoing my own home every time I fancy the notion!

goddessof4 said...

I agree about painting your walls a color!!!! I went to fashion design school for two years ,and wished I went to interior design school!!!!! I ended up as a colorist(hair) so I deal with color still but not in the same way!!! LOL, Sara

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