Saturday, January 5, 2013

Wedding Photos, In the Details

Obviously my blog layout is a few of my wedding photos, but I wanted to post some of my favorite photos of all the little details. There are so many great photos to go through that I decided to save the "people" photos for later. My photographers, Aly Chilcott and her assistant Sarah Peacock were amazing! Aly is a family friend and did the photos for my brothers wedding as well. Visit her website at and her assistant Sarah at

I absolutely had the most perfect wedding! The Chapel is 150 years old, with original Tiffany windows. My mother handcrafted my veil herself. We used my great grandmothers antique cake cutter and my grandmothers diamond ring became my wedding band. I even got to wear my grandmother beautiful 7 carat sapphire for my "something blue." Oh, and of course, I married a super hot guy too!

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Lana from Cosmetic Dentistry Surrey said...

wow these pics are wonderful... it looks like some images from a fairy tale :*

Claire @ A Little Claireification said...

Gorgeous photos! Just found you at the TuTus & Tea Parties Pinterest party! :)

Sarah Grace said...

Thank you! I love them so much!

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