Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year

Last night Joe and I celebrated New Years at a Devotchka concert. It was an amazing show and we were right up front. I've still got their music playing in my head. 

This is the end of our holiday visit with each other... it's really sad to have him leave again, but it's been so much fun. There was a ton of baking, cooking, going out for food, and playing with the dogs. We started playing a really old school game that I remembered from when I was a kid, called Myst. Doing simple things like that is so much fun!

Even though neither of us are religious I still insisted on doing "Christmassy" things since this would be our first holiday together as a married couple. We made sugar cookies and iced them together. We built a ginger bread house, even after little Muffin decided to eat part of the roof off (bad doggy!) We went downtown and saw a gingerbread town at the fancy Anchorage hotel, Captain Cooks. I really wanted to make some fun family traditions. I think the gingerbread house and the roasted pears I made early Christmas morning are going to be keepers. 

My only Resolution this year is to have a home with Joe. And to get a pet kitty. Everything else can wait.


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