Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend Sewing Project

I finished up my Simplicity dress Friday afternoon and wore it out on Saturday. I wanted to get a picture but I'm very shy about taking photos and I couldn't get one that I liked. I'll get one next weekend though, since I'll be at my friends wedding! 

Other than that we spent the weekend baking cookies and picking out fabric to make hoodies. We were probably in the fabric store for a good three hours picking out fabric and patterns. Joe picked out a grey sweatshirt fabric with a cool wild animal print for the lining. I picked the same color fabric with a Día de Muertos print for the lining.

I almost finished up my hoodie today but it turned out the size was a little too small. I'll have to take off the zipper and the bottom hem to fix it. I added heart shaped elbow patches that I'm pretty happy with.

Mrs. Peacock loved playing with the scraps from the pattern. Silly kitty.

Joe loves to make Cookie Monster impressions while we bake cookies :)


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