Saturday, November 8, 2014

6 Month Essentials!

I took a look at my 1 month baby essentials post and realized how much things have changed in six months! So many things I needed back then are almost all irrelevant these days, so thought I would do a little updated  baby essentials list now that Ellie is six months old (Ok, she's actually almost 7 months, but that's beside the point.)

1. Blames Ikea High Chair - This high chair is awesome. It looks great and blends in with the rest of the decor without looking like "baby furniture"

2. Pyttig Padding for High Chair - This is a pad for the high chair that you put in if the baby can't sit up by themselves yet. I love the stripes! It was hard to blow up but so inexpensive and looks great.

3. Plufsig Folding Gym Mat - This was a life saver! We had a big puzzle floor mat out before for Ellie to play on and it looked horrible. It wasn't easy to clean and the puzzle pieces fell out of place all the time when I tried to move it. This mat is amazing. The ombre colors look great, it's easy to clean and folds up super fast. This way we can have our living room back when Ellie isn't playing and we don't have to walk around a big ugly puzzle piece mat.

4. Comotomo Bottle - If you've never seen this bottle before, just know it's very squishy! It's got a wide mouth that's easy to clean (no more shoving a bottle brush in) and you don't have to buy those drop-in liners because the bottle itself is made of soft silicone that "deflates" as the baby sucks the milk out. Is that the right word? "Deflate"?

5. Little Owls Night Book - This is the cutest book! We haven't gotten a bedtime story time down yet but we hope to soon. There just aren't enough hours in the day, you know?

6. 4moms Rock-a-Roo - Nap time central. When she is cranky and tired just a few minutes in this baby and she is out! I love the toy mobile that she can pull down to play with. I haven't used the speakers in it very often but it's nice to have if your baby likes white noise or music to sleep to. She's actually getting a little big for this now since she can climb out of it when she isn't sleepy, but when she's tired it's our #1 life saver.

7. Best Bottoms Covers - After trying out six different brands of diaper covers we found the Best Bottoms are the best. They never get soaked through and we can use them for up to two days sometimes! The hedgehog print is adorable too :) I've got my eye on the tie dye one too.


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