Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ellie Nova Ottati - 7 Months!

I totally fail this month because her monthly update is 9 days late. This week was a busy one. The following months are going to be pretty crazy around here so I'm hoping I can keep up!

Growing? She is 15 pounds and has 7 teeth! Four on top and three on the bottom.

New and Exciting? She can get up on her knees and rock back and fourth. I think she might start crawling backwards soon. She loves to roll all over the place and still likes to hold herself up with her arms most of the time. She can say "mama" now, though it's more like "mamamamamaaaaa" which I don't think qualifies as saying an actual word. Her dad is still jealous though.

Loves? She seems to enjoy her green beans and sitting in her high chair. She bangs her hand on the tray like a drum and throws things on the ground. For some reason she loves to roll under the bureau in the living room to kick it. It must be a blast because she is always going for it. She also loves my phone. She will do everything she can to grab it away from me, look at it, and then throw it on the ground. 

Hates? She hates getting her mouth wiped off while she eats her baby food. I don't know why but she starts crying every time. She must like getting messy! Obviously, as the picture illustrates, she does not like to stay in one place. 

Looking Forward to? When she learns to crawl. Or maybe I shouldn't be looking forward to that?


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