Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Finally Back

The past few weeks have been crazy. We went out to the field again, which is boring, difficult and YUCKY. I'm so glad to be back home! I was so exhausted from it that all I did over the weekend was lay around, with the exception of Saturday night, which I spent sipping wines at an incredible wine bar called Crush in downtown Anchorage. I didn't get to snap any photos because I was too busy getting tipsy and enjoying cheese plates. I had an excellent time! I'm bringing the rest of the girls there soon.

I received a wonderful scrapbook kit from Marion Smith Designs and put it together on Sunday. I don't have photos for it, so all I did was the cover. I think it turned out pretty cute. I'm still experimenting!

I'm excited to fill it with photos so I can use the rest of the adorable trinkets and flowers! 

That's all for now!


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