Saturday, October 15, 2011

Zombie Mini Album and Painting

I love Halloween! It's one of the few holidays I care about. For many years I haven't been able to celebrate because of work (except 2009... I was Sailor Moon!) This year my friend is throwing a party and I'm super excited! I haven't been able to take photos with my Instax since I went on leave. The film is so expensive that I try to reserve film for really special occasions (and sometimes I miss out on great events because I forget to bring it.) But Halloween is defiantly the right time for photos and a scrapbook. This year I'm going as Alex from Clockwork Orange. I've wanted to dress as him for a long time. I'll have to do a little entry on how I put together the costume. I found one blog that was really serious about getting the costume exactly the same as in the movie, Clockwork Orange Costume Blog. While I'm not willing to spend $400, I think I've gotten pretty close to the original so far.
I'm not dressing as a zombie, but I figured it couldn't hurt to title my Halloween album "Zombies." I really couldn't come up with a good sentiment that wasn't too long, like "Halloween" or too silly, like "Boo!" (not to mention the lack of black sparkly chipboard exclamation points... which would make it more like a sentiment of disapproval rather than a ghosts cry...) Someone's bound to come as a zombie, right? If all else fails I'll find a way to print the photos from the Mud Run and make an entirely new album, which is OK with me!

Of course the lettering is a little wonky, but I like it that way.

I used studs from a studded belt and safety pins. It's so metal ;)

Next is my first attempted painting in a long time! I never paint because I usually never finish. It's hard to come up with a subject, draw it out, figure out the lighting... Basically the whole idea is intimidating. But then last weekend I was checking out Margaret Keane paintings and I had some inspiration. I decided to do a big-eyed girl painting. I still need practice!

The face needs to be more dimensional, but if I kept going I'd muddy up the paint too much (like I did under the neck) Practice makes perfect.


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