Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

I really have to learn how to take better photographs! I thought I could use the excuse that it's been dark in Alaska, but now the days are getting longer. It's not a good excuse anymore! I need to get the hang of this whole "natural light" thing.

But enough excuses... Here are my bridesmaid and groomsmen invitations!


TwistedTruth said...

I LOVE these! What kind of a printer are you using? When I printed mine, they looked terrible. =/ It was pretty depressing.

Sarah Grace said...

I just bought a Lexmark x2670 inkjet printer.
Nothing special about the printer, but using the right program to design it is important... don't use Photoshop for text! It will be pixelated. Maybe that was the problem?

TwistedTruth said...

I've been using Illustrator (had to double check to make sure!). I think it's because it's not on my boyfriend's computer, so it keeps opening Windows to print... It tends to stretch it into "sizes" more than I want it to.
My computer doesn't seem to want to be recognized by the printer. Working on that issue.

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