Thursday, March 1, 2012


It's starting to sink in that my new husband is in New York and I'm in Alaska. Things are going back to the way they were, for the most part. Lots of Skype and video calling, long distance telephone, a four hour time difference... I'm trying not to get too depressed about it. After all, I have a wedding reception to plan!
I've already decided my theme is going to be "Vintage Traveler." It's fitting considering that we are 4,000 miles apart! I also happen to be obsessed with maps and old postcards. Joe and I went thrifting while I was home and I found a stack of old maps of the world. I'm still considering how to use them. I've seem so many inspiring images that I can't decide if I should make buntings, invitations, centerpieces or something else out of them!

I have some projects that I've already finished for the wedding, which I will share soon!


Kelley said...

such a great idea and oh so cute!!!!

Sarah Grace said...

Thank you!

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