Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Alaska has been COLD the past few days! In the beginning of February it started warming up. It was above freezing for a few weeks, but of course, once I start to think winter might be fading and the temperatures will rise little by little, it drops to -5 in the morning! Yuck!
I've been very sad lately about being away from my husband. Over the weekend I worked at a marriage retreat that the Chaplain was running. It was a little depressing to see families together and couples doing workshops to improve their marriages, knowing I was up here without him. But I'm doing my best to focus on good things, which is why I thought I would post my rough draft of our wedding invitations. Working on this stuff is fun and will keep my mind on all the good things that are ahead for us.

I used a vector program similar to Adobe Illustrator called Creative Docs. I used it for most of the text, but I used a couple of stamps from Martha Stewart and Tom Holtz to give them a more hand made feel.

Can you tell that I love those vintage hand prints? 

For the finished invitations I'll be using nicer paper and a cute corner punch to make them more decorative. I still don't have the date, location or time set in stone so I just put in estimations for now.
That's it so far!


goddessof4 said...

That is one cool invitation!!!!!! Good job!!!!! Blessings,Sara

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