Sunday, June 24, 2012


In only three days my husband will be here in Alaska! I can't wait. This past week was pretty awful so I just want these last few days to go by without too much drama. Of course that won't happen... I already think that my super awesome days off on Thursday and Friday are going to be reclaimed by work, which really sucks because Joe will be stuck here with nothing to do.

Last Friday I got a horrible phone call, Joe's dog, Knuckles, died. Hearing Joe so upset was awful because I couldn't be there for him. He told me the story of how it happened, how he got sick and went pale. How he put him in the car and drove to the vet. I wanted to be there for him so badly! I could have cleaned up the car afterwards, I could have carried Knuckles into the vet after he died - just so Joe didn't have to go through that.

Lucky for me my mom is there. I let her know what happened and she went and took him out to lunch, gave him hugs for me and let him take a nap on the couch. My mom is awesome! If I can't be there I'm glad she can be there.

On a more positive note, I went to the tattoo shop yesterday and made an appointment to finish my dress form. Joe and I even talked about a new tattoo idea... I think one day I might get it! It's a secret for now, but later on I may share. Joe doesn't have any tattoos, but I'm glad he seems to like that I have so many. 

Other then that, I've just been finishing up the invitations and sending them all out. I've got to reprint all the programs and starts working on more decorations!


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