Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Crochet Veggies!

I practically gave myself carpal tunnel with all the crocheting I've been doing the last few days. I was inspired by Skunkboy Blog's planter but decided to crochet the vegetables instead of sewing them. After I started I couldn't stop! I'm almost running out of veggies! Last night I made a mushroom and I plan on making broccoli, cauliflower, habaneros, and a bok choy. I plan on getting a wooden bin to put all the veggies in and possibly making the "dirt" that they can be planted in like the tutorial. I don't know though, I may end up crocheting every food I can think of and just using it for the play kitchen I've been planning. 

I know, I know, I'm getting ahead of myself! Ellie isn't even born yet and she already has toddler toys! 

Here are the links to the patterns I used, though most of them I altered for one reason or another. The cabbage I just made up as I went along and the corn and eggplant are on the Lionbrand website that you have to register for to see, otherwise I would have linked them.
BeetRadishCarrotsOnion, Eggplant, Corn, Cabbage, Leek, and Bell Pepper.


Cess said...

Wow. you're so great doing that! Love it

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