Thursday, April 24, 2014

Proud Papa

I don't know how this guy does it, but he always knows how to calm Ellie down when she is having a crying fit. I also can't get her to have tummy time on my chest, but when she lays on Dads chest she is out like a light! Before we had her he was afraid he wouldn't be able to hold her without her crying. I tried to reassure him that other peoples babies may have cried when he held them but Ellie will know who her Papa is by recognizing his voice. Needless to say he was really proud when he realized she loved being held by him.

I love how she recognizes the songs he plays on his guitar from when she was in my belly. He starts playing a Paul Gilbert song and she looks in his direction and gets quiet. It's pretty sweet.

He is already excited to have another baby and so am I. I know he is happy to have a daughter, but I hope he gets the son he wants too, other wise we might end up with a whole house of girls!


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