Sunday, June 29, 2014


I've been neglecting the blog lately so I put together a small list I saw on A Short Blonde. I thought it was a cute idea!

Cooking : 
Spinach Lasagna
Drinking : Gnarly Head Authentic Red wine.
Reading : My Berlin Kitchen by Luisa Weiss
Wanting : A hot cup of coffee.
Looking: I'm looking at Facebook a little too often!
Wasting: time, watching Catfish.
Wishing: I could take a trip to Japan.
Enjoying: Ellie's little faces and coos.
Waiting: for Ellie's diaper covers to come in the mail! How do I get so excited about diapers?
Liking: the rainstorms.
Loving: the warm weather.
Hoping: this work week goes by fast.
Marvelling: at how big my little baby has gotten! I've been looking through some photos of her as a newborn and it's just crazy how big she is now.
Wearing: Shorts with spit up on them.
Thinking: about my holiday weekend next week!
Feeling: sleepy.
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