Thursday, June 12, 2014


As a loose definition I might say that soulmates are for real. I feel like certain people are such a good match that you could call them a soulmate. To me this could be a pet, a friend or a partner in life. It's the person you "mesh well" with (am I really quoting "Clueless" in a post about love? As if.) 

I've had quite a few soulmates in my life. My friend Brian from high school. My friend Kyla in the army. Of course my partner, Joe. I even truly believe Mrs Peacock, my kitty, is my soulmate too.

These people all came into my life right when I needed them. When I came out of the closet in high school Brian was there for me. When I needed some girl-talk with someone intelligent in boot camp Kyla was there. When I saw Mrs. Peacock at the shelter I knew she was going to be perfect. I just had that feeling that I found what I was looking for. I know Joe felt the same way about our dog Murray. All he did was see his picture online and he knew it was his dog.

Looking back on it, it's pretty unreal how close Joe and I came to never meeting. I had just gotten home from boot camp and only had a month before moving to Alaska. I decided to go out by myself to a bar and I was planning on going into a place called The Basement. When I got there something in me was saying "Don't go in!" I just had the feeling that something bad would happen and I actually stood outside my car looking at the entrance of the place trying to convince myself to go in. This voice telling me not to go was so loud that instead I went across to another bar that had some music playing. 
If you ask Joe, he will say that he had never been to that bar before and was only there for an hour. He saw me as I walked in and knew he was going to talk to me. When I saw him I knew I was going to talk to him too and purposely walked by him to sit down at the bar alone hoping he would follow. He did. 

We skyped for two whole years after I moved to Alaska. During one of our skype conversations I remember all the sudden, out of nowhere, thinking, "I will marry this guy!" 
Not "I want to." Not "I hope I marry this guy." Like, I knew I was going to.

One of his away messages on skype.
I'm going to go out on a limb and say that counts as a soulmate. 


Rebecca O said...

That's amazing that you were in the right place at literally the right time (an hour??) to meet your husband...awesome love story.

I'm intrigued with how you got from Alaska to Louisiana...!

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