Monday, January 5, 2015

Ellie's First Christmas

The holidays were absolutely crazy! I finally got out of the Army and we managed to get ourselves out of Louisiana alive AND just in time to make it home for the holidays.

Murray was far too excited to maintain decorum.

Miss Kitty actually liked this coat a lot since we had to shave her poor fur off.

Reading with grandpa.

She was very interested in the rocking horse ornament and only moments later destroyed it by yanking it off the tree and slamming its head on the ground until it was decapitated.

Murray was pleased to find out that Santa put him on the "Nice List." Kitty got some gifts too!

We went over to my mothers house after this and opened more gifts. We were moving around so much the day went by like a whirlwind. It was nice to actually be home for the holidays for once, even if we were still in the middle of settling into a new home (just like last year when we were on our road trip) It's good to know that next year we can actually have our own Christmas tree and do our own thing as a little family. For once we won't be moving!


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