Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas on the Beach

I got a great surprise for Christmas... my brother!! We stayed up late Christmas Eve because my aunt and uncle were coming in from the airport and as soon as the door opened I saw my brother! I was so happy! He poked at my baby bump and then we sat around to chat for a little while before heading to bed.

Breakfast on Christmas morning was melon, eggs with roasted tomatillo salsa and toast. 

We went out to the beach after breakfast to take in some sun and check out any tide pools. We didn't find any but it was nice to watch the dogs run around and take pictures. I was the only one who was HOT! Everyone else was wearing scarves and jackets. I had my "official Christmas sweater" on but had to take it off after a little bit. I'm still used to Alaska weather...

My dad, brother, uncle, aunt and grandfather.

My dad and my brother were discussing scientific things on the beach and showed me this rock that plants had bored holes into to grow out of. They also found cephalopods, different rock formations and skulls of bony fish. That's what happens when you get a geologist and an entomologist together.

 When we got home it was snack time! I found that a couple of the cheeses were pasteurized so I could have them. Cheese, crackers, bread and olives, the perfect snack!

My dad was the head chef and made all kinds of goodies: a roast, brussels sprouts, baby broccoli, sweet potatoes and fingerling potatoes.


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