Thursday, February 12, 2015

Oh yeah, My Hair

You guys, this month and a half has been totally bonkers. BONKERS. I should have thought twice about making all these big changes while Mercury was in retrograde. Or something. It's far more likely that things were bonkers because that's just what happens when you move across the country, start college and try to deal with daycare and job searches.

DAYCARE you guys. The biggest nightmare ever! I don't even want to talk about it.

Also cars. Cars suck too. Even after we had both cars inspected they both broke down during this whole escapade.

School though, let's talk about that. I'm a total nerd and I love it. Even my horrible pre-calculus class which I'm not even sure I'll pass is great. I swear my brain shriveled up while I was in the army so I'm super happy to be learning things again.

But the most important thing of all is obviously MY HAIR. Which, by the way, is pink now. Pink! I really went back and forth about this idea for a couple of months. Was I too old to dye my hair unnatural colors? After some contemplation I decided the only thing I was too old for was giving fucks. So I'm giving no fucks and dying my hair whatever color I want, and it is AWESOME.

I decided I didn't want to wait to find a salon and then take 6 months to bleach my hair to a platinum blonde. I petty much just went for it. I made the mistake of using box dye first, which is way too expensive for the amount of times I had to bleach my hair (four times.) If I were to start over I would have found a Sally's and bought the bleach powder and developer instead of doing the whole box thing. The fourth bleach was the one I used the bleach powder with and I really prefer that method.

This is my first and second bleach with the box

The fourth bleach turned out white enough to dye my hair a pastel color...

I used N'Rage Bubblegum Pink and diluted it down with a lot of conditioner. It was hard to tell what color it was going to be when I mixed it in the container, but as soon as I put it in my hair I could tell it was going to the perfect color. 

I actually just bleached my roots yesterday and dyed it pink again, this time using a little more pink dye so it wouldn't fade too quickly. I have to say the dye stays in pretty well. No bleeding pink colors anywhere either!

I feel like a beautiful magical unicorn. :) 


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