Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Skateboarding and Kinotopic

I wanted to post a few more photos from my husbands visit to Alaska. Joe is a serious skateboarder... it's his life. I love him so much for it too. This is him outside Zaks Boardroom in downtown Anchorage.

Before he came to visit I searched everywhere for skate parks around Anchorage. It seemed impossible! One place turned out to be just a skate shop. The other didn't exist at all, the third was elusive and couldn't be found, and the forth seemed to not exist either. Luckily we accidentally found an indoor skate park right on base!

I made these little videos on an iPhone app I found called Kinotopic. It's like Instagram for videos. It's a little slow but I really love it! Follow me at if you are on it.


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