Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Zoo

Last Sunday Joe had a great idea to go to the zoo! It was a rare sunny day so it worked out great. We went mainly to see the bears. We saw Grizzlies, Black Bears and a Polar Bear! Now the only bears left we have to see are a Panda Bear, Honey Bear and a Koala Bear.

My handsome sweetie.

I loved the bee hive! I think insects are so cool!

This tiger reminded me of my cat, Raggs, who died a few months ago. He just walked in a circle around his pen over and over. Raggs would do the same thing in our house. It's really cool to see such a big cat and realize that a house cat is just a small version. Wild cats are so big and scary, it makes you respect the little house cats more. They are really incredible creatures and so beautiful!

This big old grizzly bear had itchy ears!


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