Friday, February 15, 2013

Banana Bread

Last night was the first night I slept in my new place. It's a little scary hearing all the weird noises in the night. Soon Joe will be here so I won't have to be alone for too much longer.
It seems like I never have furniture. I always try really hard to find something nice and unique, but then a short while later it's all gone. I have a bunch of stuff in storage that I love, but I have to drive all the way to California to get it. Before that there were always reasons why I ended up with all my stuff missing. It was either a break up or I had to leave the country or something. I hope this time we can keep our things!
I found some great stuff at the thrift stores today, mostly glassware and a nice coffee table (although it could use a sand and stain.) I found a whole set of glasses with "O" etched into them! Perfect. This was the same thrift store where I found our perfect wedding cake topper... I think that particular thrift shop and I have a spiritual connection.
I've been camping on the floor of our bedroom, sleeping on the couch cushions and using it as a painting studio. I'll do a post on an easy painting DIY sometime soon!
In between shopping and painting I baked a banana bread with some overripe bananas I had left over. It didn't turn out as good as my moms did when I was younger, but it was a nice snack. I'll have to steal my moms recipe.


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