Monday, February 18, 2013

Chevron Painting

I've been working on a bunch of decor projects over the weekend, the biggest being this chevron painting. It took longer than I expected, mostly because the paint I was using was cheap.

I cut a stencil out of paper and traced it over the whole canvas. Painting straight lines can be tricky! As long as you do the best you can you really can't tell if the lines aren't perfectly straight.

I had to do a couple layers of paint to make it look smooth and then a coat of satin finish Mod Podge to get rid of the cheap matte look.

I was really unsure about the colors at first, either the brown and green looked too drab or the blue was too bright, but I painted some black stripes in which balanced the whole thing out pretty well. Do you like my pillows? I found them at Target on clearance! The colors and the little owl are perfect for the room and match my owl paintings I already have. I actually might hold off on getting a new sofa. I was convinced this love seat wasn't going to work with the decor I was looking for. It goes to show you that you can do anything with a little color and accessories. 

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Kelley said...

Love all the colors!!!! they all look amazing together.

Sarah Grace said...

Thank you!

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