Saturday, June 1, 2013

Kitschy Kitties Part 2

Our favorite new weekend activity seems to be thrifting. I'm on the lookout for kitty figurines while Joe checks out the board games and CDs.
I couldn't find any kitties last weekend in Wasilla, but I scored this time in Anchorage! I also found a cute figurine of two cocker spaniels but I didn't get a good picture and I don't care to take another. My main focus was to collect and show off my kitties.

I just LOVE them. I'm going to need a whole new shelf to display all my new kitties and my porcelain dolls my grandpa gave me. I have a beautiful angel doll that is sadly packed up in the closet since I had to move. There is just no space for her.

Maybe the positive side to moving to Louisiana will be a big house with lots of space for my things!


Taylor Hart said...

I just love trinkets like this! Cute... I frequent thrift stores and flea markets in order to find stuff like this. Glad you like what I likey. Cute blog.

Sarah Grace said...

Thank you! I love flea markets!

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