Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ellie Nova Ottati - 4 Months!

Growing? Two teeth! She got them shortly after she turned three months. She has only bitten me a couple times, thankfully. It doesn't hurt as much as it did when she bit me with her gums like she used to!

New and Exciting? She squeals and giggles sometimes when we play with her and continues to smile all the time. She gets super excited and kicks and waves her arms around. She has also discovered her feet and sticks them up in the air a lot. After her teething started she became an absolute DROOL MACHINE. I swear she drools so much it's hard to tell if it's spit up or not. She gets better and better every day at coordinating her hands and holding toys.

Loves? She loves the dog and squeals in delight when he comes over to sniff her. She will stare it him all day. She loves getting her diaper changed, taking a bath, and likes to spend a lot of time on her play mat making "Eh" noises.

Hates? She gets very upset when Joe takes the dog out and starts to cry until they come back. For some reason she gets very upset whenever her nighttime bottles go empty and screams VERY loudly until she gets burped. It doesn't help me sleep, that's for sure!

Looking Forward to? I can't wait until says "Dada!"


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