Friday, August 1, 2014

Working Mom Survival Kit

Man Crates sent me a message asking me to post a list of my must-have items. I've never gotten a post request before, so I was pretty excited! I checked out their products and I have to say I'm impressed. A Man Crate is a gift basket for men that comes in a wooden recycled crate with a crowbar to open it. You can even pay extra to have it wrapped in a "diabolical duct tape cocoon."
Yes. That's a winner.

They have more than just crates, they also have ammo cans, which are really cool to have. As an army girl you might think I could just swipe a used ammo can from work and take it home, but they keep those things locked up.

One of my favorites was this New Dad Tactical Bag:

Cute, huh?? Er, I mean, MANLY! That's a man's-man baby shower gift! This one inspired my list of must-haves.

So what is in MY survival kit?

1. Minnetonka Thunderbirds - I wear combat boots to work, which means when I get home and change to go out grocery shopping I do NOT want to mess with anymore laces or strappy things. I want comfortable and cute! Not to mention these are perfect for slipping on when you are rushing out the door to get to the pediatrician on time - they match almost anything so you don't have to think about it.

2. Wet N' Wild Color Icon Eyeshadows - At first the Wet N' Wild brand reminded me of the cheap makeup I would wear as a tween, so I never gave it a second look. But then my makeup artist friend gave me an eyeshadow trio and I fell in love. The colors go on beautifully and last all day. When you work hard for your money it's difficult to justify spending it on expensive makeup (at least for me) so when I'm out and wanting to treat myself to a little something I don't feel bad picking up one of these super inexpensive eyeshadows. I own almost the whole collection!

3. Neuro Bliss - I was surprised that this stuff actually works. The stress reducing Bliss formula is magic and it's a lot more acceptable to drink at the office then, you know, wine.

4. The Golden Girls - That's right. If being a busy working mom starts to make you feel old then The Golden Girls will make you feel young again. Stuck on the couch pumping or nursing? Golden Girls. Getting ready for work in the morning? Golden Girls. It's my obsession! May they rest in peace and LONG LIVE Betty White!

5. Chobani Greek Yogurt - These individual cups are a lifesaver when you don't have time to eat. My favorites are pineapple, key lime and black cherry.

Don't forget to check out Man Crates, guys!



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