Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Very Merry Unbirthday

Ellie spent her first Valentine Day celebrating her "unbirthday" with her grandma and great aunt! My aunt took the train over to New York to visit my mom and they decided to come out to Buffalo to spoil Ellie for a day. It worked out well because they didn't mind watching her while Joe and I went out for the night.

I feel like Ellie looks like Max from Where the Wild Things Are in this picture:

Morning bed head!

Joe and I had a great time. We went out to a really modern sushi place and got sake jello shots (pretty good!) We went bar hopping in Allentown and eventually ended up at a local Art House were they had a string quartet playing.
The only tough part was walking from our hotel to all the bars. It wasn't a far walk but it was super cold! Nothing like Alaska, but still, it was yucky. Why didn't we decide to make Valentines Day in the spring??


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