Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Anniversary Snapshots

Joe and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary on the 21st! We wanted to mark the occasion so naturally we went out to... wait for it... the MALL. Sounds awesome, right? I can explain. We drove downtown to the water that morning because I had to take some photos of the waterfront for a class. I was hoping there would be something cool we could do down there but unfortunately there was nothing but bars and it was snowing horribly. It's been so SO cold. Like Alaska cold. So like everyone else in Buffalo who wanted to get out of the house but still stay out of the snow, we went to the mall. 
I had gone there earlier that week to buy some makeup and it was a really nice mall, the first nice one I've been in since I lived in Anchorage. Don't judge me! You'll love a good consumerist-cookie-cutter mall when you've had to live in western Louisiana where Walmart is considered the hot spot on a Saturday. 
Joe needed a coat so we went looking for one at Dicks, which somehow led us to seriously consider the purchase of a treadmill. We didn't get one but I feel like we will be saving for one in the future.

We ended up getting dinner at P.F. Changs (making up for some terrible Chinese takeout we ordered on Chinese New Year) We had a really fun time! 

Ellie and I in the morning.

A cool building by the water.

The bridge to where all the old grain silos are.

Pottery Barn Baby had this adorable tool bench! If I ever acquire any woodworking skills I will have to make one for her along with a kitchen.

Imitating mommy on the computer.

My new favorite makeup pallet of all time, Ombre Nudes by Becca.

I used my vanilla bath bomb yesterday and it was AMAZING. I've never been that big into bath products but this is going to turn into a weekly thing for sure. The shampoo for colored hair was amazing too.  


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