Friday, February 27, 2015

Nail - Mint and Metallic

I had a massage today. I'd been talking about getting a massage for years and I never did it even though I've been having issues with my shoulders. On Valentines Day Joe surprised me with a gift card for a deep tissue massage and it was soooooo great! My shoulders still cramped up today but I can tell it will improve with time so I made another appointment for next month. I think my shoulder issues must have come from a combination of ruck marches, computer drafting and being so cold all the time that I scrunched up and got all tense.
I took pictures of my nails at the spa in the morning while the sun was shining through the windows. It was so nice and bright (a little too bright) but it was deceiving because it was so cold out. A big difference I noticed between Alaska and Buffalo is that Alaska is colder and it's dark all the time, but in Buffalo people just LOVE to complain about winter! Alaskans hardly ever complained but they had it worse.
Of course I complained all the time because I'm not a native Alaskan.

I really can't wait for the snow to go away! It just piles on and on. Oh, how I miss California.

Essie, "Nothing Else Metals"
Essie, "Mint Candy Apple"
Revlon, "Clear"


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