Sunday, April 29, 2012

More Journals

This weekend has been great! I actually bought a car! It's been at least 2 1/2 years since I've had a car. But this time it's my first REAL car. I had one when I lived in Las Vegas, but I only had it for about 6 months. Then I moved to Guam and rented a car for another 6 months. Other than that I've lived my life thus far without a vehicle. Is that sad? Maybe. I see myself as an environmentalist rather than just poor. It makes me feel better.
I was really afraid of buying a car because of all the extra expenses (I need new tires already) But it is so worth it - Being able to wake up on the weekend and go out to grab a bagel and coffee... I can even enjoy the city now! I might ACTUALLY grow to love Anchorage!

I made a couple new junk journals yesterday. I love using my scrap papers! These are very similar to my "Notes" junk journals that I posted earlier. I'm going to make a couple more with a different title and slightly different papers.
I think these little books are just perfect for scrapping about everyday life. The heavy chipboard cover is spiral bound and measures 4 by 6 inches. The inside pages are assorted colors, sizes and prints. It's small enough to carry in your purse. Bring along some washi tape, gel pens or sharpies and you'll be scrapping on the bus, scrapping in line at the coffee shop, in between classes or on your lunch break! Check out my Travel Journal for an idea of what you can do with scrap journals on the go.


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