Sunday, April 15, 2012

Textile Love

I've been interested in textile design for quite a while now, from classes in college, internships at textile wholesalers, learning to knit and to crochet. However I have never tried my hand at weaving, that is, until I read this DIY Wood Frame Weaving Tutorial by The Darling Ewe. I had to try it! I set two work removing the fabric off of a canvas to use the wooden frame. I got myself a hammer and some nails and embarked on my weaving adventure. Although I weaved too tightly, I think my first try is coming out pretty nicely.

I stopped in the library and picked up a book on textiles for inspiration. There are so many great pieces of work and styles out there. Many textiles look like they are telling stories. Check out the very bottom photo... I'd love to know what that story was!


Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, YES! So glad someone is trying out my tutorial. Your weave looks great! Tight weaving is a common problem, which is where that scalloping comes in handy. I was surprised how loose the thread can be when I first started. (I was the kind of kid that tied their laces wayyyy too tightly). Isn't it great? Happy weaving to you!

Sarah Grace said...

Thanks! It was a fun way to spend an afternoon :) It's kind of like knitting, in the beginning you're afraid of doing it too loose.

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