Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Notes on Macarons

I've baked macarons twice and I know they are tricky. There are a couple things I noticed that I did not do correctly, or things that I could only learn from experience. One of which was that my oven is too hot! I either need to bake them for less time or I have to prop the oven door open with something while baking. Another thing I learned is that humidity really does make a difference! I believe I didn't end up with "le pied" because the piped meringue batter wouldn't harden after leaving them to sit for a while. It must have been a little more humid for the batter to fail to develop a shell.
The next thing I noticed was that my batter is too thick. I'm afraid of losing the air in the meringue so I avoid over mixing, but this causes the piped batter to be kind of lumpy and very round with peaks. I supposed in my next batch I will run the almond flour through the food processor to make it finer. I will have to also be brave and hit the batter to take out some of the air.
Things on my shopping list for next time:
1. Bakers scale
2. Gel food coloring
3. Chocolate for ganache filling (or candy melts?)
4. New piping tip.
5. Twisty ties for piping bag.


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