Thursday, March 21, 2013

Weekend Nails

I can't have painted nails at work, so I rarely take the time to polish them on Friday nights just to take it off on Sunday night. But after picking up a few cute polishes at Target I decided to try to make some cute nail designs more often and post them for fun.

I was looking for those little nail stickers for French manicures but couldn't find them anywhere. Then when I got home I remembered that I packed away a bunch of crazy shape scissors in my closet that I could cut tape with to make stick-on painting guides!

I have HORRIBLE cuticles. I pick at them and they are totally dried out. The hand I photographed was my good hand (and I photoshopped it, lol) My husband got me manicure sets for Christmas and they came with this awesome cuticle oil... I highly recommend it!

The first coat was Eternal Optimist by Essie.

It's not perfect but I'm going to keep practicing! I have to be patient and let the first coat dry completely before using the stickers. I'm excited to try out my other scissor shapes this next weekend!

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