Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Baby Bump - 33 Weeks!

Weight Gain: 15 lbs-ish

Belly Button? Still an innie. 

Feeling: I feel like I could sleep forever! I go to bed fairly early and still wake up late. I slept about 12 hours last weekend each night. Sleeping still is uncomfortable and I wake up at least once a night and whichever side I sleep on something always hurts. Misses Peacock has been very snuggly with me on my side of the bed lately. I think she is jealous of Murray, who likes to sleep on Joe's side. At least I have lots of company when I get restless!

Food I'm Missing: Honestly the food I've been missing isn't because it's food I can't eat... there is just no food here! We tried going to dinner one night at a sushi/hibachi place I heard was good, but the service was so bad we walked out before even ordering! Looks like we won't have to worry about spending too much on eating out for the next year. I would think that in a middle-of-nowhere type of town there would be farms or something so there would be at least some decent vegetables. But unfortunately the only place to get food is at our local commissary on base or Walmart. Neither one has any decent food to speak of! Yuck. 

Movement: She is rolling around and kicking my ribs as usual.

Looking Forward to: Taking some time off starting in April. I think I will take the two weeks before the due date to relax and get the last minute "nesting" done. 

I finished painting the second dresser and started putting some of the cute stuffed animals out. We have so many animals and dolls from different places! While we were on our road trip we stopped to see my family in Santa Cruz and my grandpa gave me a Raggedy Andy doll with a storybook he found. While I was there I went through some boxes of stuff that had been left in his garage when I was in college. Inside one of the boxes and found a Raggedy Anne doll! I was so excited to see that they matched each other perfectly. Another find I was excited about was an Ichigo Pan (strawberry bread) doll I got in Japan.  

To the Sea


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