Sunday, February 23, 2014

Grizzly Cross Stitch

A few weeks ago, out of nowhere, I decided I wanted to do a cross stitch. Usually this is something I would start and just give up on after a few days since it takes so long to finish... but this time I actually finished it! I bought the pattern from Mother Bee Designs on Craftsy. I suppose the fact that I spent a dollar on the pattern made me more motivated to finish the project. I have a TON of embroidery thread that was left to me by my grandmother and quite a bit that I bought myself, but I don't have many cross stitches to show for it. I also recovered a bunch of stuff from my storage unit in San Diego and found that I acquired quite a few craft supplies, including a bunch of empty picture frames. This one seemed to fit perfectly!

I'm pretty happy to have this cute grizzly bear to hang on the wall! 


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